Artist Statement

The line between craft and art is fluid in quilt making. As a textile artist, I employ the sewing skills of the dedicated quilter, honoring tradition as I create. Historically, women have made quilts for practical reasons, frugally recycling worn fabric to provide warmth for their families. The resulting work however was often as striking as an oil painting or portrait, as colorful as Matisse or boldly graphic as Mondrian. In my use of fabric and thread, as well as more nontraditional materials such as inks, paints, and plastics, I try to create warmth in the heart of the viewer. As I work, I remember the women who brought to their pragmatic task an artistic sensibility, a desire for beauty, and a need to create. I think of my great grandmother, treadling her Singer sewing machine, and imagine her looking over my shoulder, sometimes urging me to redo a less than perfect stitch, and sometimes saying, “That’s a fine seam.” She insists upon the craft in the art even as I look for the art in the craft.

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